goUW - Shortened and Vanity URLs

This document describes the goUW service and the process for requesting a vanity URL.

goUW is a web-based tool that allows users to shorten and brand UW-Madison-related URLs. This service is hosted by the College of Engineering at http://go.wisc.edu/. Anyone in the UW-Madison community may use this service to generate random go.wisc.edu/xxxx URLs that redirect to longer URLs.

The ability to create a specific (or vanity) go.wisc.edu URL is usually reserved to the communications lead for the particular unit making the request. The reasons for this are several:

If your unit has a communications lead and you want a vanity URL, please ask that person to assign it. Or, if they do not have assignment ability, have them contact Nate Moll (nate.moll@wisc.edu) in UW Communications to obtain it. If you do not have a communications lead, please contact Nate directly.

For questions that do not pertain to vanity URL assignments, contact Nick Weaver (jnweaver@wisc.edu). Nick also acts as the backup contact for vanity URL assignments in the event Nate Moll is unavailable. If Nick is unavailable, contact Tony Tallmadge (anthony.tallmadge@wisc.edu).