UW-Madison DARS Audit with Planned Courses

The following section explains how undergraduate students can include courses from Course Search & Enroll degree plans into DARS Audits.

Students have a way to see how their planned courses will satisfy degree requirements via a DARS audit.  Students are able to run a DARS audit that includes their planned courses and view the audit results in the Course Search & Enroll Degree Planner.  For more detailed information, see Course Search & Enroll.  Also see DARS for Students and  Using DARS

With questions, feel free to contact:

1) The Office of the Registrar (Campus Wide) at (608) 262-3811 or registrar@em.wisc.edu 
2) L&S Student Academic Affairs at (608) 262-0617 or lsdeans@saa.ls.wisc.edu