Preferred Name - Service Description

This document gives an overview of the Preferred Name service. For more information, see Name and birthdate in UW records.


Preferred Name is a service that allows all UW-Madison NetID holders to specify a preferred first and/or middle name for themselves, as well as modify the punctuation, spacing, and/or capitalization of their last name. Users can enter a name via the Personal Information module in MyUW. The name entered in this module will then be displayed in Office 365, MyUW, SIS class rosters, and the UW Directory (White Pages).

For more information, please see the Preferred Name FAQ.

Support Conditions

Note: This information is strictly regarding one's Preferred Name. Inquiries regarding one's Legal Name must be done through the Office of the Registrar (students) or one's Human Resources department (employees).

Any UW application may choose to display preferred names, however, this will be at the discretion of the application administrator; only the three locations described above are guaranteed to integrate with Preferred Name.

All UW-Madison NetID holders are eligible to use Preferred Name, however, the Terms of Service specify that it may not be used for purposes of misrepresentation. For this reason, administrators reserve the right to revoke name changes deemed inappropriate.

In order to make updates to Preferred Name, users must be able to access the portlet within MyUW. Please see MyUW - Recommended Browsers

To have your legal name removed from the UW directory so only your preferred name is displayed, contact


There are two ways to update Preferred Name in MyUW:

Both of the above apps can be found by searching "Personal Information" in the search bar at the top. The app can also be added to the MyUW Homepage from the search results for more convenient access in the future.

Preferred Name is available anytime the MyUW portal is accessible. Please see MyUW Madison - Maintenance Schedule

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