e-Reimbursement - Issues With Deactivated Expense Types [Approvers]

This document breaks down issues Approvers and Auditors may experience as a result of changes to e-Reimbursement Expense Types at the beginning of Fiscal Year 2013.


As part of the fiscal year rollover process for FY 2013 the following Expense Types were deactivated in e-Reimbursement:

  1. Lodging-Extended
  2. Taxi


Even though 'Taxi' and 'Lodging-Extended' have been removed from the default Expense Type drop-down, approvers may still have Expense Reports in their queues containing the deactivated expense types.

If an Approver or Auditor makes a change to default funding on an expense report containing deactivated Expense Types, account codes for the deactivated types may be removed. As a result, if the Approver or Auditor attempts to approve such an Expense Report, he or she will receive the following error: Accounting Detail -- Account is required on distribution line [X].


  1. Access the Accounting Details for the affected expense line.

  2. Enter the appropriate account code.

  3. Save the Expense Report.

  4. The Expense Report should be approvable.

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