SIS - Service Indicators/Holds: Add


A Service Indicator, often referred to as a hold, is added to a student’s record to indicate something has been completed or needs to be completed, such as meet with an advisor or pay a fee. Services impacted often include not being able to enroll (add/drop/swap) and/or request official student records, such as a transcript.

To add a service indicator/hold, to a student’s record, follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to Manage Service Indicators page:
    - Search: Manage Service Indicators; or
    - Tile: Student Records WorkCenter; or
    - NavBar >Navigator: >Campus Community >Service Indicators >Person >Manage Service Indicators
  2. Use the Find page to locate the student’s record.
  3. Verify the service indicator is not already in place.    
  4. Select Add Service Indicator.
    Add Service Indicator buttons
  5. Verify or enter Institution = UWMSN.
    SIS Service Indicator partial page with required fields blank
  6. Enter Service Indicator Code.
    Tip: Select magnifying glass Service Indicator Code lookup button to view the Service Indicator Code(s) you can place.
  7. Enter Reason.
    • Select magnifying glass Reason lookup button to view the service indicator Reason code(s) you can place.
    • Scroll to bottom of page and notice student's Services Impacted:
      Service Indicator services impacted
  8. Enter Start Term; the term you want to start impacting the student's enrollment.
  9. Enter or verify today’s date in Start Date.
    Tip: If this service indicator is for a future Start Term, Start Date determines when the student will start seeing the hold.
  10. If desired, complete any optional fields.
    Examples include: Amount, Contact ID, Comments
    Note: Students do not see Comments.
    Service Indicator optional fields completed
  11. Refer to Service Indicator Page Field Definitions for any field specific usage questions.
  12. Select OK to save.
    Service Indicator OK acts live Save and Close
  13. To search for a different student, select [Return to Search] and [Clear] ID.


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