DoIT Shared Tools - Contact Us

The DoIT Shared Tools team's standard support hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..

Submit a Support Request

Support requests and inquiries can be submitted to the Shared Tools team by emailing You may also contact the Shared Tools team via Phone or Chat

DoIT Shared Tools is now collaborating with the DoIT Help Desk. Questions or issues about GitLab, JIRA, and Confluence/Wiki will initially be processed by the Help Desk and then escalated to the Shared Tools team.

The Shared Tools team strives to reply to:

Shared Tools Available 

The Shared Tools team provides the application administration and limited user support of:

New Users or Group/Project/Space Requests

Emergency, After Hours, or Holiday Requests

If your request is an emergency, after hours, or on a holiday, contact the DoIT Help Desk ( The Help Desk is available via phone, email, and live chat

If there is an outage or degraded service, the Help Desk will post an outage and escalate the status of the request with the Shared Tools team. Help Desk representatives will follow an internal escalation process. This includes notifying the the lead technologist(s) and the service coordinator.

Note:  The Shared Tools team primarily responds during normal business hours. Outages, degraded service, and emergencies are addressed on an as-needed basis. After being notified of a service disruption the Shared Tools team will make a best effort attempt to restore services as quickly as is feasible and provide updates on the status of the request.