L&S Remote Work Policy

This document provides information on the University's remote work policy.

Memo Regarding Remote Work Agreement Process in the College of Letters & Science (update: 7/29/2021) 
The UW-Madison campus developed a new policy for remote work in 2021.  

All requests for remote work should be reviewed carefully and must be approved by the supervisor/department chair or director and the Dean's office. The operational needs of the department must be carefully considered in your review. The employee is not authorized to begin remote work until the request has been approved by the Dean's Office.

It is the policy of the College of Letters & Science that, unless remote work is a condition of employment (and should be noted in the recruitment/PVL as such), departments may not incur any costs as the result of an approved telecommuting agreement. This is true regardless of the funding source (e.g. state, federal, gift, foundation) and includes the costs for computer equipment, software, supplies, internet connection, etc.

If you are a foreign national seeking to work remotely from an international location, you are required to provide the Office of Human Resources Payroll Office documentation to ensure that you are appropriately taxed when working outside the U.S., and that you receive the correct tax reporting documents at year end. See the Foreign Source Income website. 

Workplace Flexibility: definition and why it matters

The College of Letters & Sciences supports the use of appropriate flexible and remote work options for employees. To minimize confusion and align with university policy, understanding formal definition of the term “workplace flexibility” is important. Workplace flexibility refers to work that is performed at an off-campus worksite on a sporadic basis and that does not follow a regular, repeated schedule. A remote work agreement is not required for employees practicing workplace flexibility in consultation with their supervisor. Examples of workplace flexibility, provided supervisor approval is obtained, include:

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact your HR Associate Director

Last updated 8.13.2021