Zipcar Madison


(866) 494-7227 -- Toll-free Zipcar number
(608) 263-6666 -- UW Transportation Services

24/7 service available 

What does Zipcar provide?

UW-Madison Departmental Zipcar Membership

UW-Madison departments can now sign up for Zipcar membership and allow their (state-driver approved) employees to reserve and use Zipcars for work purposes and to have the charges directed to the department rather than to the employee. Complete details are available at .

How does Zipcar work? Videos along with Frequently Asked Questions:

Once you apply and are accepted (must be 18 years and older if you are a University Student and 21 or older with a clean driving record for general public) they will send you a Zipcard. Once you have that you can contact (web or phone) their office and reserve a car to be at a certain location at a certain time. All you do is swipe your Zipcard by the windshield and the doors will unlock and you will have complete access to the car. Gas, insurance, and the reserved parking spot are included in the membership so you just drive off and return the car to the same spot at the end of your reservation time.