L&S: Submitting Grades of UW Students

The following section addresses submitting grades for students.

How do instructors submit midterm and final grades for their students?

Instructors submit grades via the Faculty Center in MyUW.  The Registrar's Office provides instructions for grade submission here: Faculty Center: Entering and submitting final grades. Each night, a process is run that posts the grades for all grade rosters submitted to the Office of the Registrar during the previous day.  Once the grades are posted, students can immediately look up their grades via My UW
Departments have the responsibility of maintaining records that will enable them to assist in the resolution of Incompletes (I) and to answer questions and complaints about grades, their accuracy, and their appropriateness.  This is particularly important in the case of temporary staff members, staff members who will be away during the summer, and faculty members who may be away from campus on leave.  In such cases, it is advisable for the department to have grade books or other records available.

For more information on submitting grades, also see the Office of the Registrar's Final and Midterm Grading

Contact the Office of the Registrar with further questions: 
Phone: (608) 262-3811
Email: registrar@em.wisc.edu