UW-Madison Mid-term Evening Exam Policy

The following sections provides information regarding the Mid-Term Evening Exam Policy.

What is the UW-Madison mid-term evening exam policy?

Two evening examination periods have been established for daytime classes that require evening mid-term examinations.

Instructors of daytime courses who plan to give evening mid-term examinations must make a request to footnote/highlight this information on the course in the Course Guide so students will be aware of potential conflicts with evening courses or other commitments.  Whenever possible, the times and/or dates of evening examinations should also be footnoted.
The Faculty Senate approved an amendment to this policy (available as Faculty Document 1585a, dated 5/11/01) to clarify instructor responsibilities regarding conflicts between evening classes and evening exam hours for daytime classes:

"It is the instructor's responsibility to assure that all students with conflicts between daytime courses with evening exams and evening courses are treated fairly and without penalty.  If a scheduling conflict exists between the evening exam of a daytime course and a regularly scheduled evening course, then the evening course takes precedence over the exam."

Questions regarding this policy can be directed to L&S Student Academic Affairs (608-262-0617) or to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

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