UW-Madison "DR" on Transcript

The following section address the impact of the "DR" notation appearing on an L&S undergraduate student's transcript.

What is the impact of the "DR" appearing on my transcript?

A "DR" appearing on a student's transcript is not necessarily negative.  A "DR" reflects that a student enrolled in a class for a period and then decided to drop it.  It is an accurate reflection of what actually happened.   A student's transcript (which is an official document) should correctly state the student's registration.  If a student's performance in a particular class is less than satisfactory prior to the 9-week deadline, it may be to the student's advantage to drop the course in order to prevent failing the class and have the grade adversely impact their grade-point average (GPA).

Important to note about the "DR" notation:

A few dropped courses over a four-to five-year period are not significant.  See Transcript - Official vs. Unofficial Transcript and  Transcript - Understanding the Transcript for more information on what information appears on UW-Madison transcripts.

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