UW-Madison No Report (NR) Grade

This section explains what it means if an undergraduate student receives a grade of "NR" in L&S.

What does it mean if I receive a No Report (NR) grade?

This designation of "No Report" is given at the end of the semester to courses only when no other grade has been reported.   In other words, when grades are not submitted on time, students will automatically receive a No Report (NR) grade.   An NR grade can:

  • Prevent or delay a student from graduating;
  • Block a student from fulfilling a prerequisite for an upcoming class;
  • Create problems with scholarships and other financial aid;
  • Affect academic standing such as academic probation or suspension status;
  • Prohibit students form otherwise qualifying for academic honors like the L&S dean's List
 The NR grade is not included in a student's GPA calculations.  If a student receives this grade, they should speak to the instructor of the course as soon as possible for more assistance in getting the appropriate grade posted.
  1. Instructors are required to change each NR grade to a valid instructor-assigned grade on-by-one for every student with a NR.
  2. L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services and the Office of the Registrar will then review each individual grade change for L&S undergraduate students.

More information about the NR grade can be found at valid instructor-assigned grades.

Resources for Questions:
L&S Academic Deans' Services/Student Academic Affairs: (608) 262-0617, lsdeans@saa.ls.wisc.edu
Office of the Registrar: (608) 262-3811, registrar@em.wisc.edu