Checklist to Avoid Delays in the IRB Approval Process

This checklist is intended to help researchers create and submit applications, avoiding common errors and other issues that slow down review and time to approval.

CITI Training

Initial Review Application


Review Process

  •   Begin your project, only after final IRB approval has been provided
    • Only activities and documents included in your approved application can be conducted/used;
    • If participants are providing signed, written consent, use only documents with the IRB approval stamp;
    • Retain documents and data in accordance with the approved application and campus polices;
    • Create and submit Change applications – which have two parts – to propose updates or modifications to the study as needed;
    • Create and submit Continuing Review applications well in advance of expiration dates, if research activities are continuing;
    • Request the PI submit a Completion Report when all research activities – including data analysis – are complete.