SAS - Installing SAS from DVD media

This document contains a copy of the installation instructions sent to departments when a SAS license is purchased from DoIT.

System Requirements

See for the SAS system requirements.

License Renewals

Installing SAS

This SAS 9.3 installation document is meant to walk you through the installation. There is a help button on each screen of the wizard which should help you if you have questions.

If you are unable to figure something out beyond that, please contact Brian Beck at for assistance. Please note that it is very important during this installation that you are logged in as the Administrator and it is recommended that all programs are closed including Anti-Virus software.

  1. Insert the DVD media into your drive and the SAS Deployment Wizard will open.
  2. Select Install SAS software and click Next. Windows 7 users will need to click "click run setup.exe".
  3. Review Required Updates and click Next.
  4. Click Start. The System Requirements Wizard will open. Click through that. Be sure to click Finish when it's complete to get back to the Deployment Wizard.
  5. From this point you will be inserting each of the disks multiple times during the installation. Continue clicking through as requested. Click Finish.

Removing SAS Software

For an end user, the process of removing or uninstalling SAS software works just as it does for any other Windows software. Click on My Computer, then Control Panel, and then Add/Remove Programs. (You can also use the path Start > Settings > Control Panel to reach Add/Remove Programs.) Select SAS ?? (ex. V9.1.3) from the list to remove SAS from your computer.