Curriculum Committee Consultation on Curricular and Policy Matters

This document summarizes the role the L&S Curriculum Committee has in policy matters.

The L&S Curriculum Committee serves as the primary vehicle for the consideration of new curricular initiatives such as Freshman Seminars, and advising the Dean and L&S Student Academic Affairs on the interpretation of L&S curricular policy as the need arises. As part of this responsibility, the Curriculum Committee completed a multi-year assessment of the L&S BA/BS requirements. That assessment led to changes to the L&S baccalaureate degree requirements that were approved by the L&S Senate in April 2005, and which have since been the focus of much of the committee's work. As questions arise, the committee continues to consider issues related to the implementation of those changes in the L&S degree requirements (a.k.a. BABS07).

The Committee has issued recommendations related to the following topics:

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