L&S Curriculum Committee governance role

The L&S Curriculum Committee serves as the primary college-level committee on matters related to courses, academic programs, and college-wide curricular concerns. The main categories of oversight include:

Course curricular issues, including:
  • adding, changing, or deleting courses in L&S subject listings;
  • allow non-L&S courses to count toward the L&S degree requirements;
  • add breadth designations to courses
Program curricular issues, including:
  • changes to L&S undergraduate and graduate programs (including majors, certificates, capstone certificates and graduate minors)
  • provides advice to the L&S APC during review of new proposed programs, in terms of the proposed curriculum
Undergraduate degree curriculum and curricular policy issues, including:
  • the integrity of the undergraduate degree requirements and changes to requirements for L&S majors.
  • adding, changing or removing of L&S curricular policies (often done in consultation with L&S APC and the Dean)
  • at the Dean's request, the committee considers other issues related to undergraduate education for purposes of advising him, the faculty and L&S departments and programs, or the L&S division of Student Academic Affairs.
The committee also is frequently consulted and invited to comment on the development of campus curricular policies

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