Key Personnel Guidance

Version Date: September 2018

Guidance for which individuals to be included as key personnel

The UW-Madison requires all individuals engaged in human subjects research that fall under the purview of its IRBs to be listed as part of the study team. Individuals who generally fall under UW-Madison IRB purview are individuals conducting human subjects research as UW-Madison faculty, staff, or students or under an appointment or affiliation with the Madison VA Hospital, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics or University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation. 

Individuals are considered engaged in human subjects research if they:

The ARROW SmartForm application requires the identification of several roles for study team members, including individual(s) who will serve as the Point(s) of Contact. The Point(s) of Contact for the study should be the individuals to whom IRB correspondence and questions about the study are primarily directed, such as study coordinators, regulatory specialists, or administrative support staff, and are the only other people, apart from the Principal Investigator (PI), who can submit materials to the IRB. Prior to the implementation of electronic submission, the IRB Offices only accepted materials signed by the PI to help ensure the PI was aware of and agreed with the materials submitted to the IRB. To keep this principle intact but to provide more flexibility in the electronic environment, a restriction was placed on who can submit materials to the IRB to allow the Point(s) of Contact to submit materials to the IRB.