Expedited Change of Protocol Guidance

Version Date: May 1, 2019

Guidance for researchers regarding expedited review of minor changes of protocol

This document provides guidance to researchers and others regarding expedited review of minor changes of protocols as conducted by the Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards (HS IRBs). The Common Rule (45 CFR 46.110) and FDA regulations (21 CFR 56.110) allow for the review under expedited procedures of "minor changes in previously approved research during the period (of one year or less) for which approval is authorized" by the IRB Chair or designated experienced IRB member. In reviewing the research, the reviewers may exercise all of the authorities of the IRB except that they may not disapprove the research. Any expedited approvals must be reported to the full IRB.

Criteria for Expedited Review of Changes of Protocol

The HS IRBs typically limit expedited review of changes to those that are minimal risk or administrative in nature AND:

In addition, if a study qualified for expedited initial review, changes to the study will be reviewed under expedited procedures unless the changes result in the study no longer falling under an expedited review category.

Please see the Expedited Changes Examples table for specific examples of what changes may be reviewed under expedited procedures and when such changes may require full IRB review.

Criteria for Referring Expedited Changes for Full IRB Review

At its discretion, the HS IRBs office may refer changes submitted as expedited for full IRB review. This may occur for reasons such as (but not limited to) the following:

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