KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - 'Draft minor change default' option

You must have full user permissions for your space to perform these steps.

When editing a KB document, an author has the option of flagging their changes as a minor change. By default, this box is already checked. You can change this default behavior in your site using the 'Draft minor change default' option.

Navigation: KB Admin Tools > Site Pref tab > Group Spaces link.

This will lead you to the Group Spaces screen. You will be presented with a table. The first item in this table is the KB Site you are currently in. Click on the Edit button in that row. In the image below, row number 1 in this table is that of the KB User's Guide. The Edit button is circled in red.


Clicking on the Edit button will take you to a table called Group Spaces Options. In this screen, there are a number of settings. The Draft minor change default option can be set to Yes or No from this screen. In the image below, the Draft minor change default is set to the defaulted Yes, the dropdown menu in this field also contains the option of No.


The "minor change" checkbox affects the following:

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