HS-IRBs News - October 2010

Health Sciences and Minimal Risk IRBs, IRB News / Volume 2, Number 10, October 2010

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REMINDER: All study teams will begin using ARROW (the new electronic submission and review system for the HS and MR IRBs) on November 17, 2010.

ARROW Mini Quick-Start Training and Open Lab Sessions

The HS-IRBs will be offering brief introductions to ARROW for those who did not attend training earlier this fall. These sessions will be held in the HSLC computer lab, with open lab time to follow for those who want assistance with using ARROW or just want to try out the system.

Mini quick-start sessions will be offered in HSLC 2121 on:

Space is limited, so registration for these sessions is required. To register, please email your request to askarrowirb@medicine.wisc.edu. Be sure to include the date for the session you wish to attend.

ARROW Small-Group Demonstrations Will Resume in 2011  Research groups wanting a more detailed introduction to ARROW may request a small-group demonstration. NOTE: No small-group demonstrations will be offered for the remainder of 2010.  Slots for small-group demos will again be available in January 2011. Requests for demonstrations should be emailed to askarrowirb@medicine.wisc.edu.

Questions about Going Live with ARROW?

For more information on what going live with ARROW means, please see the [Link for document 17172 is unavailable at this time.] For more information about ARROW – including brief training videos as well as FAQs – check out Health Sciences IRBs ARROW Help of the HS-IRBs website.

Tips for Current ARROW Users