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Add a Funding Contact into JEMS CHRIS-HR

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: University Staff (Classified)
Audience: Employees who are responsible for entering in JEMS CHRIS - HR transactions.
Overarching Process: Adding a funding contact to the JEMS CHRIS - HR e-mail contact table.
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General Description:

This knowledgebase document is intended to guide you through adding a funding contact into JEMS CHRIS-HR email table.

Process Considerations:

Prior to following the steps in Section 3 to create a new profile for the funding contact, please investigate whether the contact has any three - character login assigned by DoIT (e.g. JEMS HIRE, JEMS PVL access). If so, that 3-character login will work. JEMS CHRIS-HR will verify against a campus wide table to get the information needed. If the funding contact has not been provided, a three - character login, then the profile in JEMS CHRIS will need to be created in order to assign the email address.

If the funding contact needs access to JEMS CHRIS-HR, the PRODUCTION Application Role Authorization form must be filled out and submitted to the data custodian for approval (see the Related Forms section below).

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

Welcome to JEMS (Classified System)




1 URL for JEMS CHRIS - HR Enter  https://ofr01.doit.wisc.edu/chris/chris.html
2 Username Enter Username
3 Password Enter Password
4 Connect Press Connect

  1. Add Funding Contact in JEMS CHRIS - HR

    CHRIS Main Page

    1 Tools Click on the Tools from the menu
    2 Dropdown Select Add Email Contacts from the drop down menu.

    List E-Mail Contacts for Vacancies, Reclasses, etc

    3 Funding Column Select "Y" from dropdown if funding contact is currently listed as a User Name for the UDDS and follow steps 6–7. If not listed follow steps 4–7.
    4 Add New Contact Click Add New Contact and fill in row.
    5 Funding Column Select "Y" from dropdown list
    6 Save Click Save
    7 Close Click Close
  2. Adding User Logon ID in order to add Funding Contact

    If the funding contact does not have a User Logon ID in the CHRIS System go to the JEMS Homepage at: https://uwservice.wisc.edu/hrs/jems/

    JEMS portal to CHRIS login

    1 University of Wisconsin-Madison Select University of Wisconsin–Madison
    2 Select Click Select
    3 Login Login with Net ID & Password
    4 JEMS CHRIS Login Click JEMS CHRIS Login

    CHRIS login screen

    Personal Profile Information screen

    5 New User Click New User
    6 Logon Name Enter a logon name, that can be remembered, which will be used for identification in the system and used each time coming into the system.
    7 Last Logon Not editable. Last date the User logged onto the system.
    8 Profile ID Not editable. System generated number for the profile being created.
    9 Enter Or Change Password Click the Enter or Change Password button to open a screen and enter a password.
    10 New Password New password which will be used for access to the system.
    11 Re–Enter New Password Duplicate entry of the new password. Used for verification of entry.
    12 Clue Enter a clue that can be used to remind you of the password in case it is forgotten.
    13 Password Clue Not editable. Clue to the password that will be used to log onto the system.
    14 Last Name Enter the User's Last Name.
    15 First Name Enter the User's First Name.
    16 MI Enter the User's Middle Initial.
    17 Work Phone Enter the User's Work Phone.
    18 Email Address Enter the User's Full Email Address (e.g., jane.doe@facstaff.wisc.edu).
    19 UDDS Enter the UDDS for at least one division, department, or sub–department for which you will be receiving funding emails. Type in a full 7–character or partial UDDS or press down–arrow, enter the first three alphanumeric characters for the division desired, press [FIND], highlight the UDDS desired and press [O.K.]
    20 Add A UDDS Click the button to add a UDDS row if it is needed.
    21 Save Profile–Go To Page 2 Click Save Profile–Go To Page 2
    22 Default Values Default Values are not needed for Funding Contacts.
    23 Save Profile Click Save Profile button

    Saved profile confirmation screen

    24 Exit PD System Click Exit PD System button. Closes all the windows and exits the CHRIS system.
    25 Return to step 1 in Section 2 to add Funding Contact to table.

    Sample of Personal Profile Information screen

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