Video Library - How do I subscribe to a course Podcast using iTunes?

Instructions on how to subscribe to a course (MP3) audio podcast using iTunes

- Log in to your account in the Video Library website.

- Under My Courses click on the course you would like to subscribe to.

     Ex. PA 641 Clinical Pharmacology II

My Courses

- At the bottom of the Lecture listing you will see an Audio Podcast link:

     Ex. Audio Podcast -

Podcast URL

- Right click on the link to copy link location (URL)

- Open iTunes on your computer. (version used at time of this documentation)
     Note: You might not see the menu bar in iTunes by default it is hidden. 
      To show the menu bar click on the dropdown arrow in the upper left hand
      corner of the iTunes window and select Show Menu Bar.

Show Menu Bar

- Under File choose Subscribe to Podcast...

Subscribe To Podcast

- Paste the URL in the window and click OK


- iTunes should now download the latest MP3 audio file corresponding to that course.


-  After the download has finished, note that iTunes shows a list (if available) of recent past MP3 audio files corresponding to that course. Click the arrow button, next to any of the past audio files you would like to download to iTunes.

Podcast Listing