HR - Position Exception or Override Report (SQR Report)


The Position Exception/Override Report (POS008) creates a report that includes Position summary information for employees by Business Unit and Department. The selection criteria audits the data in fields that match in the Position Data component and the current incumbent Job Data component.

The Override report prints incumbent job data where automatic cross updating has been prevented from occurring ("Override Position Data" button on Job Data has been used).

The Exception report prints only exceptions where the incumbent job and position data is out of sync for other reasons.

These reports should be used to validate and make necessary corrections within Position Management.


You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:


  1. Navigation: Organizational Development > Position Management > Position Reports > Exception/Override.

  2. Enter or create a Run Control ID. See PD - Setting Up Run Control IDs.

  3. There are two Report Request Parameters to enter for this report:

    • As of Date
    • Exception/Override
  4. 92parameters.jpg

  5. Click Run.

  6. Use the Process Monitor to monitor and View Trace/Log to view the report. See PD - Viewing the Process Monitor.

Fields on the report include: Position Nbr/Empl ID, Effective Date, Position Title/Employee Name, Rcd Nbr, Reports To, Dept ID, Job Code, Salary Adm, Pay Grade, Company, Location, Reg/Temp, Full/Part Time, Std Hours, Work Period, Shift, Telephone, Union Code


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