My Scholarships@UW-Madison - Student Recommendation FAQ

FAQs for the Recommendation section of the Scholarships@UW-Madison application.

How do I change my recommender's email address? What if I put in the wrong address?

If you'd like to change your recommender's email address or if the address provided was incorrect, you will need to cancel the original recommendation request and create a new one. Go to the 'Recommendation' section of your application and click the 'Cancel Request' button in your recommender's box. Create a new recommendation, ensuring that the correct address is provided in the 'Email Address' field, and click 'Save and Send Email.'

What if my recommender didn't get my email?

If your recommender didn't get your email, the first thing you should do is ask them to check their spam folder. If they still don't see the email, you should go into the student app and re-enter your application, double-check that you entered the email address correctly, and click 'Send a Reminder' to resend the recommendation request. If the email address is not entered correctly, follow the instructions above.

What if my recommender declined my request?

If your recommender declined your request, you will need to enter a new recommender to complete the recommendation.  To do this you will need to go into the student application and re-enter your application. Then you will need to add a new recommender and click 'Save and Send Email.'  You should be able to do this even if you have already submitted the application.

How do I know if a recommendation request has been accepted? How do I know if a recommendation has been completed?

If a recommendation request has been accepted, the recommendation status will update to Accepted - In Progress on the Recommendations tab of your application. Additionally, your application will display the recommendation request as Requested in the "Remaining Requirements" table on the "My Scholarships" dashboard. If a recommendation has been completed, the recommendation status will update to Completed and the recommendation request will display as Received in the "Remaining Requirements" table. Once all recommendations are received, a green "Complete" checkmark will appear in the in "Recommender(s)" section of the "Remaining Requirements" table.

How do I send a reminder to a recommender?

To resend an email request to a recommender, enter your application, go to the recommendation section, click 'Send a Reminder,' and then click "Save and Resend Email".

What if the email link doesn't work?

If the email link doesn't work, first check to make sure you haven't canceled the recommendation.  If the recommender has either declined the recommendation request or already completed the recommendation, the email link will also be grayed out.

What if I wish to change my recommender?

If you wish to change your recommender after sending an email requesting a recommendation, click the 'Cancel Request' button next to the recommender whom you which to change.  Then you may add a new recommender in place of the previous one by clicking 'Add Recommender'. 

What does 'Waive Review Right' mean?

If you check the 'Waive Right to Review' box when adding a recommender, you waive the right to review your recommender's letter of recommendation before it is submitted.  If you wish to change your decision regarding this right, click 'Edit' next to your recommender and either check or uncheck the corresponding box.

What if my recommender cannot submit the recommendation electronically?

We only accept application submissions via this system.  If your recommender is having technical difficulties, please contact the Help Desk at (608) 264-HELP for assistance.

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