Learn@UW/D2L - The Cut/Copy/Paste Buttons in the HTML Editor Do Not Function Unless Using Internet Explorer

The Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons in the HTML Editor do not function if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer.

(Note:  The Paste from Word and Paste as Plain Text functions work as expected in all supported browsers.)

Pressing the Cut, Copy, or Paste buttons in the HTML editor brings up a pop-up message stating these buttons do not function on your browser.

If using Chrome or Safari, the message is:

"Copy, Cut, and Paste are disabled in your browser.  You can use keyboard shortcuts or right-click and choose the appropriate option instead."

If using Firefox, the message is:

"Copy/Cut/Paste is not available on Firefox.  Do you want more information about this issue?"
Responding OK (as opposed to Cancel) to obtain additional information directs you to a web site suggesting that you can change your Firefox Preferences to enable these buttons. However, the procedure provided, which had worked in the past, no longer works.

This is a known browser related issue.

To perform the Cut, Copy, or Paste operations in the HTML Editor when not using Internet Explorer, use one of the following workarounds: