UW-Madison G Suite - How do I Change my Password?

The following document explains how to change the password that you use to authenticate to UW-Madison G Suite.

Please note: When logging in to any of the following accounts using your UW-Madison NetID credentials, please remember there are no separate login credentials apart from your NetID information. These accounts are linked and authenticated with your NetID account. To change the password for any of these accounts, you will need to change your NetID password.

Select your account type below for more information:

More information about the types of accounts that are eligible for UW-Madison G Suite is available here: UW-Madison G Suite - What types of accounts are eligible?

Using UW-Madison G Suite with your @wisc.edu account

UW-Madison G Suite uses NetID login credentials for authentication. For instructions on how to change your NetID password, please visit NetID - Changing a Password.

Using UW-Madison G Suite with an Office 365 account

If you would like to access UW-Madison G Suite with an Office 365 account, you will need to authenticate using your NetID and password, then select your desired account from the list provided. More information about the login process is available here: UW-Madison G Suite - Log in

Since NetID credentials are being used to authenticate, the password you need to change is your NetID password: NetID - Changing a Password.

Don't forget that you are changing the password for all NetID services (e.g., Office 365, MyUW, Box, etc.), not just UW-Madison G Suite.

Using UW-Madison G Suite with an Office 365 service account

If you want to access UW-Madison G Suite using an Office 365 service account, you have two options:

Looking for more general information about UW-Madison G Suite? Please visit DoIT's G Suite service page

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