WiscList - Managing Verified Addresses

WiscList users can view and manage their verified addresses in the My Profile screen.

Accessing the My Profile Screen

The My Profile screen can be accessed by clicking the My Profile link in the left-hand navigation menu.

What are Verified Addresses?

Verified email addresses allow the WiscList application to identify users who the Wisclist Admin system does not know about.

Why You Should Use Verified Addresses

  • Verified email addresses help reduce redundancy from duplicate emails within the WiscList system.

    For Example:
    • WiscList is automatically aware of addresses provided by the University directory (via Human Resources or the Registrar), but it doesn't know about the Gmail, Hotmail, or other non-University email address you may have manually added to your account. Verification of these addresses ensures that no other users have the same email and that you haven't already added that email to your account.
  • Verification also ensures that each email address is correctly formatted, thus reducing the number of pending/unsuccessful emails in the WiscList system.
  • In essence, Verified Addresses help the whole WiscList system run a little smoother.

Adding a Verified Address (Office 365 Migration)

  1. On the My Profile screen, click on Add an Email Address.
  2. Enter your desired email address and click Submit. You will receive an error if the email address is already in your list of verified addresses.
  3. An email containing a confirmation link will be sent to the address you entered. You must follow this link to complete the process. The link will expire after 1 hour.

Preferred Address

A preferred verified address can be set. This address will automatically be selected for convenience when creating and subscribing to lists. (You will still have the option to choose another address.)

To set a preferred address, select the desired address under Preferred Address.

Removing a Verified Address

To remove a manually-added verified address, click on the Remove link next to it. University-provided addresses cannot be removed.

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