SIS/Student Groups - Student Groups Page


This document provides information about student group page within SIS.

Student Group Flow Chart

  1. Office of the Registrar makes the Student Group
  2. You get access to your Student Group
  3. You assign students to your Student Group
  4. View Student Groups by Student
    1. Run or Create Reports
    2. Use to Enforce Enrollment
      1. Request Requirement Group (Requisite) to be made
      2. Request Requirement Group to be attached to Course or Sections
    3. Tip: (if you have access) To view what requisites are enforced on a course section, navigate to : > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Adjust Class Association

Student Group Page

The Student Groups page provides you the opportunity to place a student in a specific student group as well as add or update comments. You may also delete a student from a student group or make their student group status inactive.

Navigate to:


screenshot of the student groups page with notes to point out specific areas of the page

Note: You can view all student groups paced on a student's record; however, your security access determines which student groups you have the ability to add, change, and delete.

Grayed out records indicate student groups you cannot modify.