Student Center - How are the Appointment Times determined


This document explains the way Enrollment Appointments (time to start enrolling for next term) are assigned for students.


The Priority Enrollment period is when students can first enroll for a future term(s). Priority Enrollment begins in the 11th week of the fall and spring terms and lasts approximately four weeks.

Currently enrolled students who are continuing for the next term are eligible to enroll during the Priority Enrollment period. Re-entry students who have been admitted through the Admissions process are also eligible to enroll during the Priority Enrollment period.

A few notes to consider regarding the enrollment schedule:

How are the Appointment Times determined?

Undergraduate Students

Credits earned are used to determine a student's Projected Level for the next term (Senior, Junior, etc). Within a given level, those students with the greatest number of credits earned receive the earliest appointment times. For those in a given level who have the same combined total of credits earned, appointments are assigned in random order.

Undergraduate Level Rules

New first-year, freshmen, and transfer students enroll with the assistance of advisors during their SOAR visit to campus.

Special Students

Graduate and Professional Students