WiscIT - Submitting WiscIT Officer Account Requests

How to request or removal an WiscIT officer account for yourself or another employee.

Requesting a WiscIT Officer Account

To request a WiscIT officer account, send an email to wiscit-support@doit.wisc.edu with the information below. This will create an incident and deliver it to the WiscIT Team.

Please provide the following information of the person whom an officer account is to be created:
If you're unsure about which teams someone should be a member of, make a note of it in your request, and a technician will contact you. Otherwise, the officer account should be created within two business days.

UW-Shared Services employees or requests for access to UW-Shared Services related teams should e-mail servicecenter@uwsa.edu

Removal of a WiscIT Officer from a Team

To remove a WiscIT officer account and or team, send an email to wiscit-support@doit.wisc.edu with the below information.