e-Reimbursement - Corporate Card number listed in e-Reimbursement may not match card

e-Reimbursement has the ability to import transactions made using the Corporate Card. Some users may note that the Corporate Card number listed in e-Reimbursement is incorrect. The number that appears in the employee's profile will not be the same number that is on their card. For security reasons this number has been changed. This document explains why.


When the Corporate Card is linked with your profile in e-Reimbursement, the card number and expiration date displayed in your profile, is based on your Employee ID. This is expected and is not cause for concern.


Verifying your Corporate Card is correctly linked to your profile

There are two ways that you can verify that your Corporate Card is properly associated with your profile.

If you believe your Corporate Card is not properly associated with your profile, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.