Security - How to Protect your Computer from Theft

There are several ways to protect your computer from being stolen. Since laptops are generally the easiest computers to target and steal, this article will focus mostly on laptops, but the security tips mentioned can also apply to desktops.

The two main methods for securing laptops against thefts are locks and/or tracking software.


Locks are easy to use and attempt to prevent theft by making it difficult to quickly take your laptop. The lock hooks into your laptop, and then attaches to a desk, table, or other secure place, making it difficult to quickly snatch your laptop.

Tracking Software

Tracking software like LoJack for Laptops is installed on your computer and sits dormant until your computer is stolen. In the event that your laptop is stolen, contact the police and LoJack. They will then use their software to attempt to track the computer as it is being used. If they are successful, they will contact local police to help recover the laptop.

Other tips

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