Accessing Student Org Filespace

Here are the paths to access filespace for student organizations.

Note: In order to remotely access groupspace folders, you must be connected to the WiscVPN, License VPN, or CoE VPN (Engineering_full or split). 

Shared file space

The CAE lab computer image and the CAE file system have combined to change the way that student organizations can access file space. Now filespace can easily be accessed from anywhere, using the following information. Keep in mind that you must be on either the UW campus WiFi, uwmadisonVPN, or one of the various Engineering VPN portals.

You can also access the student org filespace from your browser by going to This also requires that you are on one of the UW campus or Engineering networks.


Student Org websites have been transitioned to WiscWeb.  For more information, please see:

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