e-Reimbursement - Can I change the checking/savings account into which reimbursed funds are deposited?

When an employee is reimbursed via e-Reimbursement, payment is issued using current payroll data on file for the employee.

Employees using e-Reimbursement will be reimbursed using the same payment method on file for payroll. If an employee receives a paper check for payroll, then they will be reimbursed via paper check in e-Reimbursement. If an employee receives payroll via direct deposit, then they will be reimbursed via direct deposit to the same account.

An employee can change the account that they receive their e-Reimbursement payments if they desire these payments to go to a different account than their payroll checks, please see How to Route e-Reimbursement Payments to a Different Account than my Paycheck at: http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/acct/e-Re/tabtraveler.html