SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - How to Enter Textbook Information


See how to to add, change, or display textbooks for a class section.

Step 1 


Step 2

Find the specific section of the course that needs textbooks added or edited.

Step 3 

If textbooks are already displayed and you want to edit, select [Edit].

Step 4

If no textbooks, check ‘Select to indicate…no textbooks’ (autosaves). Click [Return to Search].

Step 5

If the textbooks page is empty, you can copy all textbook information from another class section into this empty section by following the steps below:

Step 6

Enter or edit textbook information as desired.

Tips: To add a new row, select [+]. To delete a row, select [-].

Step 7

If not ready to display textbooks to students, select [Save] to save entered textbook information.

Step 8

If ready to display textbooks to students, select [Save & Display To Students].


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