Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) - Service Description

TEAR (Terminated Employee Access Removal) is an application designed to decrease the amount of time necessary for removal of access to various systems when an employee leaves the University.


TEAR is a result of the Administrative Program Redesign project's review of procedures relating to departing employees. Every two weeks, Human Resources staff on campus will receive an email notification listing those employees whose appointments have ended according to IADS. That email notification contains a link to TEAR for each departed employee, and allows the HR representative to request removal of that employee's access to several supported systems:

Former employees with authorization to use other systems not listed above (e.g. SIS and SFS) must still have their authorizations properly removed outside of TEAR.

In order to use TEAR, users must be authorized HR representatives. TEAR is available to UW-Madison staff only, and is not available for other campuses.

TEAR does not immediately remove an employee's access. Instead, it generates a notification to DoIT Security staff so that they can remove the employee's access within 72 hours.

Support Conditions

The DoIT Help Desk will assist HR staff with the use of TEAR, including the process for viewing an employee's authorizations and requesting the removal of those authorizations. The DoIT Help Desk will forward unresolved issues on to the appropriate group for further review.


TEAR is primarily intended for use during business hours, but may be available outside normal business hours. However, the service does have a regularly scheduled maintenance window on Tuesday mornings from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM. During this time, users may have trouble connecting to TEAR.

Users of TEAR will primarily use it by following links within the emails sent by TEAR. However, the system may also be accessed by going to https://access.wisc.edu/removal.