Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) - Using the Authorization Look Up Tool

It is possible to review an employee's authorizations for certain systems via Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR), an application which allows for quicker removal of access to various systems when an employee leaves the University.

Accessing the Authorization Look Up tool

Login to TEAR and click the Authorization Look Up link in the menubar, as shown below.

The TEAR header is shown with the Authorization Look Up menu option highlighted

Searching for an employee using the Authorization Look Up tool

To view an employee's current authorizations, you must search for them within the Authorization Look Up tool. You can search by either Login ID (i.e. three-character logon) or by the employee's Person ID, and you are restricted to viewing individuals within your UDDS.

Enter either the Login ID or Person ID and click Search.

The Login ID and Person ID search fields are shown along with the Search button

Viewing an employee's authorizations

If your search is successful, you will see three sections displayed:

An example employee's authorizations with the 'Current Authorizations', the 'Current and Previous Appointments', and 'Authorization Removal Requests' sections as described above