Adobe Connect - Product Overview and License Information

This document describes the features of Adobe Connect and how to obtain a license for use of Adobe Connect.

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect, (full name Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, formerly Adobe Breeze), is a browser-based web conferencing system that enables:

What are the main features?

Adobe Connect is a highly customizable browser-based tool that features:

Use on Campus

Currently, Adobe Connect is being used on campus to facilitate:

How do I get an Adobe Connect License?

Licenses can be purchased by contacting Licenses expire on June 30 and are renewable on an annual basis. The URL for UW-Madison's Adobe Connect service is

Important: Licenses can only be obtained for individuals, not departments or groups. According to the terms of UW's agreement with the vendor, each individual license holder has the ability to host a meeting with up to 100 total attendees. License holders may create an unlimited number of meeting rooms, however, the license holder can only use one of their rooms at any one time. License holders must be individuals, not groups or generic logins, and a license cannot be shared between more than one individual.

Where can I get help with Adobe Connect?

Questions specifically related to buying or renewing a license for Adobe Connect can be directing to

For functional support, such as questions related to adding participants or setting up a conference, please contact Adobe Connect support directly: