Doodle - Unable to schedule an event using a non-WiscMail ( email address

Users of the UW-Madison Doodle site may encounter trouble scheduling an event if the email address entered when scheduling the event is not a WiscMail email address (i.e.

The Division of Information Technology has licensed Doodle, an online scheduling service to supplement Office 365 calendaring, for use by the campus community.

The DoIT Help Desk provides best effort support for Doodle only. This includes requests for adding additional * domains to the Doodle account. For other help with Doodle, please see the Doodle Help and Support page, or use their Contact Form for further assistance.

UW-Madison Doodle can accessed at For information on creating an account in UW-Madison Doodle, please see Doodle - Create and log in to your UW-Madison Doodle Account.


When attempting to schedule an event using Doodle, Doodle requires that you enter a WiscMail email address for sending of email notifications. If you do not enter an email address at all, you may encounter the following errors when scheduling an event:

Please enter a value

If you enter a non-WiscMail email address, you may encounter the following error:

This is a restricted Branded Doodle site. You have to use one of the configured e-mail addresses ( to create a new poll.


Use a valid WiscMail email address when scheduling an event via the UW-Madison Doodle site. If you wish to use a * email address, you will need to have your mail domain (e.g. or added to the Doodle account. Contact the DoIT Help Desk and provide them with the mail domain to be added and the Help Desk will route to the local Doodle administrator.