SIS - Getting Started - Security Request


The Student Information System, SIS, is the backbone that supports the student life cycle.  This document provides information on how to obtain SIS authorizations that are necessary to carry out department responsibilities and business processes using the online SIS Security form (or “eForm”) for new and current campus users. This eForm will replace the existing DocuSign request form for non-student employees and will provide an automated process that will fulfill SIS security requests and approvals in a more efficient and timely manner.

Requirements Needed to Begin a SIS Security Request

General Notes for Using the SIS Security Request eForm

High Level Steps

  1. Campus user needs SIS access and authorizations added or updated
  2. Campus user, their supervisor or someone with an understanding of the security needed logs in to SIS
  3. SIS - Add a Security Request: While in SIS a SIS Security Request eForm is initiated to capture access, authorizations and other information that is needed for the request
  4. SIS - Approve Security Request Through Email Notification:  After the SIS Security Request eForm is submitted, it is routed to the appropriate authorizers and role owners for evaluation and approval
  5. SIS - View a SIS Security Request: Campus users, supervisors, approvers and role owners can view the status of submitted SIS Security Requests
  6. After approvals have been completed, the campus user’s SIS account is automatically updated with the requested access and authorizations