WiscIT - How to Log into WiscIT

This document describes how to log into WiscIT, DoIT's Incident Management and Change system. This document is intended for WiscIT Users, Officers, or Agents.



Web Client

Chrome, Firefox


Windows Client

Mac: Access via the WAF

* If you received an Error, "Already Logged In", click yes and your session will be ended.

Differences Between Clients

The clients have different functionalities, and the one you choose will depend on what work you are doing. The web client and desktop client are largely identical in terms of function, however, the desktop client offers the following additional tools:

See [Link for document 41865 is unavailable at this time.] for additional details on client differences.

Trouble Signing In

For either client, you will need to supply your NetID credentials for access. If you still have access issues after supplying your NetID credentials, you may require WiscIT Officer credentials - point your supervisor to WiscIT - Submitting WiscIT Officer Account Requests  for an Officer credential request.


To submit feedback, requests, bug reports, or enhancement requests about WiscIT Powered by Cherwell, please send an email to wiscit-feedback@doit.wisc.edu.