PEOPLE Program - New iOS Device Setup Guide

To set up a new iOS device it first needs to be registered with the endpoint system Workspace ONE for device management. Once the device has been set up at the back-end, notice from DoIT will be provided indicating that the initial setup has been completed. Upon receipt of the completed setup notification, follow these instructions to complete your iOS device setup.

iOS device setup

  1. Power on the iOS device

  2. Select English as the language

  3. Select United States for Country

  4. Tap Set Up Manually

  5. Connect the iOS device to WIFI

  6. Tap Next for the Remote Management by UW-Madison notification

  7. Enter your NetID username and password and tap Next when done

  8. Enter a 6-digit passcode

    1. If you’re prompted that the passcode can be easily guessed, try a different passcode if possible.

  9. Tap Enable Location Services

  10. Once the iOS device is on the home screen locate and launch the Hub app

  11. Set a passcode to access the Hub app

    1. This passcode can be the same one as in step 8 above

  12. Tap Accept for the Hub user agreement

  13. Tap Not Now for the collection of information for a better app experience prompt

    1. Tap Don’t Send to confirm

  14. Tap Allow to allow the Hub app to send notifications

  15. Setup of the device is done. Follow the steps below if the customer is signing in with an Apple ID

Signing in with an Apple ID

Note: DoIT first has to approve your request to use an Apple ID

  1. Locate and launch the settings (gear icon) app

  2. At the top once inside of the settings app tap Sign in

  3. Sign in with your Apple ID

  4. Enter in the 6-digit authentication passcode Apple sends you either by email, phone call, or text. 

    1. How you receive the passcode is dependent on you 

  5. Enter in the passcode for the iOS device

Installing apps listed in the Hub app

Note: these instructions are for installing apps that are listed in the Hub app. If you are using an Apple ID to install your own apps please reference Apple’s support article here on how to install apps through the Apple App Store. If you want to request an app be placed in the Hub app please contact

  1. Launch the Hub app

  2. Tap Apps at the bottom

  3. Under All Apps is any apps that have been pushed out to the device remotely by DoIT using WS1

  4. To install an app tap the Install button to the right of the app name

    1. The button will change to Installing when it is installing the app

    2. The button will change to Installed once the app is done installing

    3. Note, that the status of the button is not 100% accurate. E.g. it may say installing but if you look on the home page of the iOS device the app may be already done installing