SIS/Student Groups - Adding a Student to a Student Group


This document outlines the process for adding a student to a Student Group.

To add a student group to a student's record, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Student Groups Search Page

Step 2:

The student's existing student groups will display on the Student Groups page. Browse the list to ensure that the student group you plan to add is not already in place. 

Use the "View All" option to see all student groups displayed on one page.

Use the row counter to scroll through one existing student group at a time.

View Student Groups all at once or one at a time

Step 3:

If the Student Group field is filled in, the student has existing student groups on record. Follow these steps to add a new student group:

  1. Select upper [+] Add button to the right of Academic Institution.
  2. Complete fields as advised in the SIS/Student Groups - Student Groups Page Field Description

If the Student Group field is blank, there is no need to select upper [+] Add button. You may simply begin completing fields as advised in the SIS/Student Groups - Student Groups Page Field Description

  1. Academic Institution = UWMSN
  2. Student Group
  3. Effective Date (see rules listed below)
  4. Status

An example of a completed student group entry is as follows:

Student Group Fields Completed

Step 4:

Select [Save]. The new student group is saved to the student's record.

Student Groups Save Button

Rules for Effective Dating enrollment based Student Groups

If adding a Student group for a Future Term, then Effective Date is today's date.

If adding a Student Group for a Current Term, then Effective Date is on or before the first day of the current term.