SIS/Advisor Assign - Viewing the Advisor Audit Log


To view additions, changes, or deletions that have occurred on the SIS Student Advisor page, view the audit log.

Step 1

From Home, select: Student Records WorkCenter, Student Advisor. The Find page will display

Tip: Menu navigation: > Records and Enrollment > Student Background Information > Student Advisor

Step 2

Locate the student's record by entering their Campus ID# in the "Campus ID" field. Other search fields can be used, but Campus ID is the value you're most likely to know and its use will ensure you're accessing the correct student record.

The student's information will display on the Student Advisor page.

Select "Search".

Step 3

Select the Advisor Audit page tab.

SIS Student Advisor's Audit tab

Step 4

Depending on what changed, the following may display:

If Effective Date updated

If Effective Date is kept as is

Only the Audit Action  is captured for the impacted Student Advisor Number.

Note: The Changed By and Date and Time Stamp shows who and when the change was done.


The audit trail below captures a change for Student Advisor Number 1 from advisor "Bucky Badger" to advisor "Randall Camp". While Student Advisor Number 2, "Caroline Sweet" didn't change, it is still logged in the audit trail. Effective date change impacts all advisor assignments and not just the assignment that is added or changed.

SIS Student Advisor Audit Log Example