WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Update Events Calendar to new styles

The Events Calendar plugin that the WiscWeb service uses has been updated to provide new styles to display events on your sites. You can update your site's display setting to make use of these new styles.

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Upcoming changes to Events Calendar

While there is not a definitive date for its release, The Events Calendar version 6.0 will remove the legacy styles from the plugin entirely, and all users will be forced to use the updated styles. To be better prepared for this coming update, we encourage all WiscWeb sites to change their display setting to use the new styles.

Activate The Events Calendar plugin

The Events Calendar plugin can be activated by site administrators by following the instructions located at WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Self Service Plugin Activation / Deactivation. Once this is activated, you will see an Events option in your left menu. Please remember that the use of plugins is only available to site administrators. Site editors will not be able to create or edit any events.

For more information on how to use The Events Calendar, please refer to the vendor's help documentation.

Update your display settings to use the new styles

To access and update the settings for your Events Calendar styles, follow these steps.

  1. Hover your mouse over the Events menu option on the left and click Settings.

    Menu navigation to access Events Calendar settings

  2. At the top of the Settings section, click on Display.

    Section tabs for Events Calendar settings, Display is active

  3. Scroll down and be sure to put a check in the field for Use updated calendar designs.

    Use updated calendar designs field is visible and checked

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Animated GIF of the process described in the steps to update styles