City of Madison -- Posting Banners on Footbridges



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Non-profit organizations wishing to hang banners on footbridges must contact the City of Madison Planning and Development Department - Inspection Unit. The banner must be related to the community.

There is only one footbridge on/near campus that allows banners: the one that is above Campus Drive (it spans from UW Foundation to the Stock Pavilion). The second (and only other in Madison for which you can apply) bridge that allows banners is the bridge crossing Park Street near Meriter Hospital.

There is a fee for putting up a banner-- $200.00 per two weeks or any portion thereof, per location, per side. Banners generally cost between $200-$400 to have made.

Banners can be applied for online or by mail.

Displays are to meet the following requirements:

1. Design approved by FP&M Planning Office and Physical Plant.
2. Installation approved by Physical Plant. A purchase requisition is required if Physical Plant is to install or remove the banner no checks or cash payment is allowed.
3. Duration of display limited to 14 consecutive days.
4. Made of durable materials

Banners are not permitted on the footbridge on bike-path/railway bridge that spans Park Street between Dayton and Spring Streets.