WebCheckout - How To - Renew a Checkout

This document includes information about renewing InfoLabs equipment through the WebCheckout system, including links and screenshots using College Library as an example location. The information is reviewed and only updated as needed.


  1. Go to the UW-Madison InfoLabs Technology Circulation Patron Portal.
  2. Choose your Checkout Center location, referenced in your notification emails.
    Checkout Center Picker
  3. From the main page, click the menu button.
    Menu and My Account Button
  4. Click My Account.
  5. Find your Current Checkout by CK-ID and select it from the list.
    Current Checkouts List
  6. Click Renew this Checkout.
    Click the Renew Button
  7. Choose your new end date.
    Date Picker and Renewal Screen
  8. If there are no errors noted, click Renew.

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