Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) - Invalid Chart Field DEPTID Value (xxxxxx)

When attempting to change the funding for an invoice, the error "Invalid Chart Field DEPTID Value (xxxxxx)" may appear.

Invalid Chart Field DEPTID Value (xxxxxx)

Invalid Chart Field DEPTID Value (xxxxxx)

The Department ID you entered does not exist or you entered the legacy UDDS (which may begin with an "A") instead of your SFS Department ID. You must enter a valid Department ID as part of the funding string.

Please contact your Dean's Office or Division Office for questions regarding funding. UW-Madison customers may also refer to Accounting Services Coding Information at for assistance or contact Veronica Olson at 262-9460 or or Al Wang at 262-8729 or in Accounting Services for further assistance.

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