Canvas: Librarian Role

Learn how to add a Librarian in the Librarian Role in Canvas.

Adding a Librarian to a Canvas Course

At UW-Madison, an instructor or owner of a Canvas course site can add a librarian to the course site  in the “Librarian” role. 

Adding a librarian to the course site in the “Librarian” role in Canvas can help the course instructor and the librarian collaborate more efficiently.  In the “Librarian” role, a librarian can

A librarian added to a Canvas course in the “Librarian” role cannot see the list of enrolled students or other protected information such as grades.

If you would like to add a librarian to your course site, contact your subject librarian or use this form to request an embedded librarian.

How to add a librarian to a Canvas course site

An instructor can  add a librarian to a course site in  the same way that an instructor  adds any other individual not on the official roster.

people page in canvas where you can add additional people to a course

  1. On the People page for the site, click +People button.
  2. In the Add People text box, enter the librarian’s UW-Madison  email address.
  3. Select Librarian from the Role menu.
  4. Click Next

Adding a librarian to a course in the librarian role