Website Support

This document details website support at Russell Labs.



Russell Labs No Longer Hosts or Supports WordPress Websites

A few years ago, we retired or moved existing websites elsewhere (DoIT or CALS Web Services).

Who to Contact For Support if You Used to Have a WordPress Website at Russell Labs

Contact CALS Web Services via this form.

How to Tell if CALS Web Services Hosts Your Existing WordPress Website

Look for a dark gray bar at the bottom of a page:

CALS Login Bar at Bottom

Alternatives for Faculty Lab Website Hosting

CALS Web Services and WiscWeb (DoIT) offer website hosting services for faculty lab websites.

Notes on CALS and WiscWeb Website Support:

Department Websites

Please direct questions about department website content to:

Entomology - PJ Liesch

Forest and Wildlife Ecology - complete this form 

Plant Pathology - complete this form